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"The strength of a good project lies in ourselves and in our ability to perceive the world with both emotion and reason. A good architectural design is sensuous. A good architectural project is intelligent."
Peter Zumthor

MY WAY TOWARDS ARCHITECTURE. Discovering Auguste Renoir’s Woman with a Parasol in a Garden and Claude Monet’s Water Lilies changed my understanding of colour and light. Impressionists, and then the Young Poland period: Malczewski, Wyspiański, Wyczółkowski; all of them ignited my great passion. Beksiński’s creativity and his living cathedrals. Finally, depth that implies shape; that’s what cemented my decision to choose architecture.

INSPIRATIONS: Peter Zumthor: sensuality, silence, camouflage; Itami Jun: sensitivity, respect for nature, Water, Wind and Stone Museum; Tadao Ando: Meditation Space, Unesco; Massimiliano Fuksas: Maison des Arts, Bordeaux; Rem Koolhaas: Maison à Bordeaux; Tatiana Bilbao: nature and geometry, activity and inertia of mirrored Los Terrenos; Walter Gropius: Bauhaus, Modernism; Mies van de Rohe, Richard Neutra: open floor plans; Philip Johnson: form, colour; Louis Sullivan: arches, details.


"There is no finality in architecture - only continuous change. ”


Artist: Marzena Zajączkowska
Exhibited at: Poznań University of Technology
Year: 2000
Form: bust, a study of a man
Materials: clay, plaster cast


poznań architektura poznań architektura
kula wrocław architektura

Artist: Marzena Zajączkowska
Year: 2000
Form: CUBE
Material: Mirror

Exhibition: “Architecture – Representation of an Idea” at National Museum in Poznań, 2013.


“Art and Space” - urban art installation SPHERE, Euro Art Meeting Festival, Wrocław, 2000.

kula wrocław architektura
kula zapis idei

Artist: Sinus_3 (Anna Krenz, Monika Konrad, Marzena Zajączkowska)
Exhibited in: Wrocław, Old Market Square
Year: 2000
Materials: laminate, mirror
Awards: 3rd Place Award for Project Execution and Audience Award at “Art and Space”, Euro Art Meeting Festival, Wrocław


Artist: Marzena Zajączkowska
Location: Rosnówko
Year: 2016
Materials: Wood, concrete, glass

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