„Recurring dreams”/ Waldemar Korzyb, Marzena Zajączkowska / Poznań
Time: 6’36’ / release date: 2018
category: amateur film, documentary, debut

Recurring Dreams is a portrait of Mikołaj Obrycki - a contemporary painter based in Poznań. The documentary presents fragments of the artist's everyday life and showcases his creative process. “For Obrycki, painting space is a component of reality, an inseparable element of his natural environment, a perceptual organ for viewing the world, and at the same time the limit of its direct exploration. Obrycki's painting world is so overwhelming that it sometimes begins to absorb the artist himself, meeting more and more of his needs. As a result, the distance between the artist and his painting starts to disappear, with the latter transgressing the spiritual realm and entering the world of everyday life and physical functioning. "The documentary is an attempt to recount that process.

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